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Student Research Conferences on Gender
A Change in Format for the 7th (2005) Conference on Gender Research
In the spring term, 2005, we are exploring a new format for research conferences on gender at Radford University. Previously, all conferences have featured student researchers. The role of faculty associated with students' research was restricted to that of advisors. At the conference this March, presentations will emphasize student-faculty partnerships in gender research. This year, we are featuring student-faculty co-presentations of research conducted at Radford University. We hope that in subsequent years, we will be able to encourage student-faculty presentations of on-going research in other universities as well as within RU. However, we're still struggling with serious funding and staffing resources that impede our ability to show case undergraduate and graduate research collaborations.

Fortunately, through the efforts and support of Dr. Marie Waters, we are continuing to encourage, and fund, applications for  Eleanor Kemp Memorial Research Awards  for undergraduate student research in Psychology and the Social Sciences.

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Thank you again for your interest and support
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