Introduction & Background: Dr. Jeff Aspelmeier
Self Regulation, Math Performance, & Stereotype Threat: Serendipity and the Research Process
a presentation by
Maria Falcioni Melissa Londry Rachel Hammond
With Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Jeff Aspelmeier, & Dr. Niels Christensen
Abstract. This presentation reports the results of a study investigating how self-regulation resources are used when people think about relationship information. The results regarding the relationship processes were quite inconclusive. However, an unexpected finding was obtained. Specifically, in a control condition Female participants were less successful on a multiplication task compared to male participants. However, when male and female participants had previously completed a task thought to use up one’s self-regulation resources, males lost their advantage and females showed a rebound in performance. These serendipitous results are discussed in terms of Stereotype-Threat and the potential role of rumination in self sabotage of performance. 
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