Gender Scholarship in 2010 at RU1
Speakers' Biographies by Christi Byrd ~ Graduate Associate ~ Center for Gender Studies
Dr. Jeff Aspelmeier is a member of the Department of Psychology at Radford University. His research focuses on close relationships, adjustment, and cognitive processes. He has been collaborating with Dr. Ann Elliott to study predictors and consequences of childhood sexual abuse among women. Dr. Aspelmeier currently teaches courses in research, social psychology and the psychology of diversity.  { Ru: Web   Email: }
Ms. L. Michelle Fisher is a junior psychology major at Radford University, who will be graduating in May 2011. Michelle has been on the Dean’s List her whole college career. She is a member of Psi Chi, the International Honors Society in Psychology, and Pi Gamma Mu, the International Honors Society in Social Sciences. She hopes to attend the University of Kentucky for her master's degree in Counseling Psychology.  {Ru: Email: }
Ms. Kayla Huntley received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Winston-Salem State University in 2009. She is a first year graduate student at Radford University working for a Masters degree in Experimental Psychology (with a focus on Socio-cultural Feminist Psychology) until 2011. After graduate school, Kayla plans to enlist into the United States Air Force. {Ru: Email: }
Dr. Gregory Kerwin, Assistant Professor, received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Connecticut, March 2010. Applied social psychology is his overall area of research interest with a strong emphasis on the self, stigma, and gender. The majority of his research has concentrated on social comparison processes, thin-ideal internalization and self-discrepancy theory in relation to the development and maintenance of female body image disturbance. His current research focuses on how individuals with concealable stigmatized identities manage prejudice and construct their identities with a particular interest in the effects of labeling and the process of deviant identity imputation and renegotiation for anorexic women. In the future he intends to continue investigating issues relating to gender, but plans to extend his research into the field of men and masculinity. {Email?: }
Dr. Hilary M. Lips is a social psychologist who has spent her career studying gender issues with particular emphasis on the interaction of gender with power, and with academic and career choices. She is the Director of the Center for Gender Studies and Chair of the Psychology Department at Radford. {Ru: Web   Email: }
Mr. Robert Lytle earned his BS in Psychology from James Madison University and is currently a student in the Experimental Psychology program at Radford University. He hopes to continue his education at a Social Psychology doctoral program and pursue a career teaching and researching social psychological topics. {Ru: Email: }
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