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"Police Women:
           On the mean streets
                      and on the small screen
               A Keynote Address Presented by
     Dr. Kim Davies 
                Sociology, Criminal Justice & Social Work
                   Georgia Regents University, Augusta
Presentation Location & Time
The 2011 Symposium: Session  II Keynote Address
Location: Heth room: 014 ~ Time: 4:15 - 5:30 p.m. ~ Thursday, April 21st, 2011
at Radford University, Radford, VA.
The presentation is open to the public; admission is free.
Presentation Abstract
This presentation compares the percentage of white and minority women portrayed as police officers on prime time crime shows to data on women in policing in the United States. We find that over time, labor force data and crime show data both indicate increases in the number of minorities and women working in the criminal justice system. Overall, however, we find that both white and minority women fare worse in reality than they do in fiction. The presentation concludes with a discussion of the implications of the findings and directions for future research1.
                                       1Kim Davies, Personal Communication, March 2011
Background Information
"Kim Davies, Associate Professor and Department Chair, regularly teachers The Murder Book by Kim Davies"... Sociology Methods I and II, Women, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System, Violence and the South, Deviance, and GRU's Women's Studies Program".  Her areas of specialty include ".. Women as Offenders, Violence Against Women,  and Homicide".

She is also the author of "The Murder Book: Examining Homicide "(Paperback). Other related publications include: “Seeking Help from the Police: Battered Women’s Decisions and Experiences” and “Beyond the Statistics: An Examination of Women Killers in Three Georgia Counties”1.
 Ph.D., Sociology
   1996 Ohio State University
  M.A., Sociology,
    1990 Ohio State University
  B.A., Sociology
    1988 Ohio State University
: Women's Studies
    1988 Ohio State University

For dissertation and thesis titles and additional back-ground information, see
Dr. Davies  Curriculum Vitae
For more information about this presentation or 2011 symposium, please contact:
Ms. Kayla Huntley: tel 540-831-6644 - email:
or   Dr. Hilary Lips: tel 540-831-5387- email:
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