Symposium Presentations: Providing tools for understanding and change
Gender Scholarship @ Radford University
Thursday ~ April 21st ~ 2011
Session  I.  Location: Heth 014 ~ Time: 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Session II. Location: Heth 014 ~ Time: 4:15 - 5:30 p.m.
           Session I: 12:00 - 4:00
12:00   Welcome and Opening remarks:
      Dr. Hilary Lips    
Symposium Admission is Free & Open to the Public
     "Young Women’s Perceptions of and Responses to Sexual Harassment"
          a presentation by Kelly Cooper: Faculty advisor ~ Dr. Hilary Lips  ~  presentation abstract
     "Examining the Role of Gender in Helping Behavior among Students and Faculty"
          a presentation by Dr. Jenessa Steele and Sarah Kerper ~  presentation abstract
    Coffee Break & Poster Display with Poster Presenters
     "Self-Compassion and Resilience in Men"
          a poster presentation by Megan Funston, Stephanie Gusler  and Alexis Knight
             with Dr. Sarah Hastings and Dr. Tracy Cohn  ~  
poster abstract
1:15   Panel on  "The Gendered Marketing of Children's Toys": Faculty advisor  ~  Dr. Carla Corroto
     "Girls have to be Princesses or Mommies while Boys get to take over the World"
          a presentation by Elly Schulte  ~  presentation abstract
     "Children and Corporate Culture: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same"
          a presentation by Lauren Genz  ~  presentation abstract
      "Consumerism Today: No One is Toying with Gender"
     a presentation by Brooke Nelson
 ~ presentation abstract
1:45   Panel on "The Gendered Consumer Culture": Faculty advisor  ~  Dr. Carla Corroto
     "Heteronormativity, Socialization, & Consumer Culture: The Marketing of Children's Clothes?"
          a presentation by Caitlin Krueger  ~  presentation abstract
     "No Baby Stuff: An Analysis of Gender Control and Infants’ Clothing"
          a presentation by Sheena Palmer  ~  presentation abstract   
     "Greeting Cards: A Gendered Analysis"
          a presentation by Mary Dickerson  ~  presentation abstract
     "Gendered Career-family Attitudes Among Current-generation University Students"
          a presentation by Alynn Gordon: Faculty advisor ~ Dr. Hilary Lips  ~  presentation abstract
     "Understanding the Mechanisms Involved in the Stereotype Threat Effect for Women
      and Math Performance."   A presentation by Emily Latimer, Brittany Hibenn, & Alynn Gordon:
          Faculty advisor  ~  Dr. Jeffery Aspelmeier  ~   presentation abstract
     "Culture and the Definitions of Leadership and Femininity"
          a presentation by Kayla Huntley: Faculty advisor ~ Dr. Hilary Lips  ~  presentation abstract
Session II: 4:15 - 5:30
     Keynote Address ~
     “Police Women: On the Mean Streets and on the Big Screen”
          a presentation by Dr. Kim Davies  ~  presentation abstract
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