The Radford University Center for Gender Studies
1996 Student Research Conference on Gender
Program & Schedule of Events
8:30 a.m. Registration opens, coffee available.     Day Lounge

9:00 Welcoming remarks:     Commonwealth Room

     Dr. Hilary M. Lips, Director, Center for Gender Studies

     Dr. Douglas Covington, President, Radford University.
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     Dr. Dianne Friedman, Radford University, presiding

A. Spanish University Students' Perceptions of Powerful Men and Powerful Women. Claudia C. Diaz Zuniga, Sudie E. Back, and Hilary M. Lips. Radford University.
B. Possible Powerful Selves: An International Perspective. Sudie E. Back, Claudia C.Diaz Zuniga, and Hilary M. Lips. Radford University.
C. Indian Women and Their Career Anchors: An Analysis. Bhagavathi B.Yedur. Radford University. D. Media Perversion of the Political Female Role Model. Jane Bolin. Radford University.

     Dr. Felicia Nfitchell, Emory and Henry College, presiding

A. Gendering the Night. Jeanne Dillon. Washington and Lee University.
B. Orlando. Alicia Replogle. Radford University.
C. Creating a Feministic Use of the Imagination. Koren L. Bakkegard and Kim L. Kessaris. UNC Asheville.
D. Disman(tling) the Myth. Susan Foote. Washington and Lee University.

HEALTH ISSUES     Radford Room
     Dr. Judy Carlson-Catalano, Radford University, presiding

A. The Influence of Support System on the Decision to Hospitalize from Emergency Mental Health Services. Helen A. Kunkel. Radford University.
B. AIDS Knowledge Prevention, and Gender. Jamie G. McMinn. Emory and Henry College.
C. Women in Health Care. Katherine Hill and Shawntae Ferguson. Wake Forest University.
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10:45 - 11:15    COFFEE BREAK      Day Lounge

11:15 - 12:30     SESSION 11
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     Dr. Ann Elliot, Emory and Henry College, presiding

A. The Development and Validation of the Courtship Conflict Questionnaire. Felicity L. James, Stephen R. Weinland, and Richard M. Eisler. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
B. Child Sexual Abuse. Breanne K. Haffington and Ann N. Elliot. Emory and Henry College.
C. Counterfactual Thinking about Rape: Attributions Concerning a Victim's Reaction to Sexual Assault. Shera Beadner, Traci Hagie, Jennifer Haley, E@ly Impett, and Lorrin Wolf James Madison University.
D. Unacknowledged Versus Acknowledged Rape Victims: Do Counterfactual Thoughts Differ in Content? Jennifer Bumfield, Suzanne Blaisdell, Matthew Bruffey, and Crystal Mll. James Madison University.

     Dr. Rita Kranidis, Radford University, presiding

A. Guys or Dolls? Cross-Gender Characters in Popular Film.
B. Homemakers, Breadwinners, and Spifitual Cross-Dressers: A Study of Gender Roles and Religious Group Spiritualism.Jessica D. Benson. Radford University.
C. Notes From the Underground: Flower Imagery in AIDS Discourse. Amy S. Harris. South Carolina Honors College of the University of South Carolina.

GENDER IN THE MEDIA     Radford Room
      Dr. Carolyn Byerly, Radford University, presiding

A. The Deception of the Black Widow Character: Enigmatic Webs of the Masculist-Defined Woman in American Cinema. David Sullivan and Shannon Tumer. Emory and Henry College.
B. Gender Stereotypes and Advertising. Leigh Shannon. Radford University.
C. When the Men Were Men and the Women Were "Girls:" Gender and Technocracy in Air Wonder Stories. Marc R. Petersen. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
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12:30 - 1:30     LUNCH     Lounges A and C

1:30 - 2:30     Commonwealth Room
     Presentation of the Elenor Kemp Memorial Awards for Undergraduate Research
     by Dr. Marie Waters
     Keynote Address, Dr. Katherine Allen
     "Passionate Scholarship: Creating Knowledge
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2:30 - 3:45     SESSION III
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WORK AND PLAY     Radford Room
     Dr. Mary Feffari, Radford University, presiding

A. Academy Education Available to Women in Columbia, South Carolina, 1816 - 1883. Deborah Williams. University of South Carolina.
B. Should Clients Set Their Own Fees? Evren Esen, Cindy Goldstein and Michelle Gunter-Thomas. Radford University.
C. Does the Gender of a Leader in a High Adventure Recreational Activity Affect Assumptions About the Leader and the Activity? Magdalene E. Drewnowski. Radford University.
D. Women in Sports. Ann Moore. Radford University.

RE - VISIONS     Claytor Room
     Dr. Felecia M. Briscoe, Concord College, presiding

A. A Goddess in Kentucky: Bobbie Anne Mason's Spence + Lila. Debbie Winebarger. Emory and Henry College.
B. Re-visioning the Classics: Voices Unsilenced. Krista Reiner. Roanoke College.
C. The Independence of Women as Exhibited in Three Novels: Lonesome Dove, The Awakening, and Ethan Frome. Chfissy Frentz. Roanoke College.
D. Women in the Bible. Catherine Gatchel. Roanoke College.

     Dr. Sue Conrad, Radford University, presiding

Absolutely Valueless(?): The Deconstruction of Famfly Values and the Traditional Sitcom in Jennifer Saunder's Absolutely Fabulous. Michele Ren, Lisa Hurst, Rae Greiner, Cortney Green, and Joyce Barry. Radford University.
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3:45 - 4:00     COFFEE BRFAK     Day Lounge

4:00 - 5:15     SESSION IV
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FAMILIES     Radford Room
     Dr. Linda Killen, Radford University, presiding

A. Undoing the Damage: Dorothy AllisoWs Visions of Motherhood and Family. Harriet Mauck Regen. Radford University.
B. Families, Federal Housing Policy, and Low-Income Homeownership: An Historical Analysis. Benjamin Reed Kadas. Virginia Polytechnic and State University.
C. Domestic Violence in the New River Valley. Mekdes Bekele.
D. Stereotypes of Women and Children on Welfare. Stephanie Jo Hudgins. Radford University.

     Dr. Hilary M. Lips, Radford University, presiding

A. A Web of Identities. Matthew B. Whitenack. Emory and Henry College.
B. Homosexuality and Homophobia in Rural Society. Melinda T. Pafish. Emory and Henry College.
C. "The Dinner Party:" A Conversation with Joanna Russ, Carol Gilligan, Rosalind Miles, Sara Haardt, Rush Limbaugh, and Ginger Hudson. Ginger Hudson. Emory and Henry College.

     Dr. Nora Reilly, Radford University, presiding

A. Gendered Practices in Self-Managing Workteams. Madukka Ollilainen. Virginia Polytechnic and State University.
B. Temporary Faculty: Cornerstone of Faculty Hierarchy. Betty Etzler. Virginia Polytechnic and State University.
C. No Daughter/Son of Nfine: Societal Views of Persons in Nontraditional Employment. Jennifer Armsey. Radford University.
D. Sexual Harassment. Shirley Taylor and Kristi Hall. Radford University.
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5:00 - 6:30     RECEPTION     Faculty Club
     Please join us for an informal conclusion to the conference.
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Conference Planning Committee 1996:
Dr. Hilary M. Lips, Sudie E. Back, Christina Beck, Dr. Mary Feffari, Karen Ford, Dr. Bhagavathi Yedur, Sean Hughes, Dr. Rita Kranidis, Alicia M. Replogle, Emily W. Stallings, Lori Wilson
The Conference Planning Committee gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Office of the President of Radford University, the Radford University Foundation, and the Department of Psychology at Radford University. In addition, we are especially grateful to Leo Daniels, who designed the conference poster and the cover of this program. We also thank Claudia C. Diaz Zuniga, Sue Foley and Wayne Andrew for help with many organizational tasks.

Thanks to the following for their generous contributions to support the conference: Emily W. Stallings, Dr. Dianne Friedman, Dr. Carolyn Byerly, Gloria Reiske, Susan Daugherty, Barbara Seals.
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