Resilience among Women in their First Semester of College: A Validation Study
Jeffery E. Aspelmeier, Karina Bevins, Rebecca Wiegmann, Cassandra Homick, Lara Barbir,
Julianna Williams, Mary Katherine Easter, Celine Fadi, Ann N. Elliott, Anja Whittington

Faculty Mentors: Jeffery E. Aspelmeier and Ann N. Elliott
Resilience generally refers to a process where individuals exposed to adversity, risk, or trauma experience relatively positive outcomes (Fergus & Zimmerman, 2005, Luthar, Cicchetti,& Becker, 2000). The Adolescent Girls' Resilience Scale (AGRS; Aspelmeier, Whittington, & Budbill, 2015) was created to be a free and accessible assessment for professionals providing programs (e.g., camps or adventure programs) and other interventions for adolescent girls as young as 10. The AGRS is a self-report instrument designed to assess factors predictive of resilient responses to trauma and adversity that are most amenable to change (Confidence and Positive Peer Relationships) in short-term interventions. In a large scale validation study of the AGRS involving over 900 adolescent girls, meaningful increases in resilience were observed among girls participating in adventure and skills training programs that made building resilience a goal (Whittington & Aspelmeier, in review). The present study extends the use of the AGRS to an older adolescent/young adult sample of female college students. Construct validity of the AGRS was evaluated by testing associations with self-esteem, social support, and romantic attachment. Also, the incremental validity of the AGRS was evaluated by testing the contribution of the AGRS to the prediction of psychological functioning over and above the Resiliency Scale for Children and Adolescents (RSCA; Prince-Embry, 2007).
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