An Introduction for the Presentation:
“Talking the talk but not walking the walk: Gender differences in parental involvement in children’s education”
"This study uses the Epstein model (Epstein, 1986) to analyze how parental involvement in education differs by a parent’s gender (mother/father). Data for this study (N=300) come from an original survey designed to understand parental involvement and needs in Prince Edward County, Virginia. We do not find gender differences in perceptions about the importance of being involved in a child’s education, but we do find differences in the act of participating. Fathers and mothers report similar levels of belief in having the ability to help with their children’s homework. Mothers, however, are significantly more likely to attend school activities and to help children with at-home educational activities."
 Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice Studies at Longwood University  
Dr. Lee M. Bidwell    Dr. JoEllen G. Pederson    Dr. Scott T. Grether

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