Why Now? Local Women in Politics
  Sponsored by the Center for Gender Studies  
  Monday October 29th 6:00-7:30   2018 Room 3016 College of Humanities & Behavioral Sciences Radford University  
  Presentation Abstract  
We know from political science research that women are less likely to consider and run for office than men, but that when they run, they win elections at higher rates than their male counterparts. This year, a record-breaking number of women are running for elected office. In this panel discussion with recently elected women in local office, we will discuss the various motivations and aspirations of each of the panelists in choosing to run for elected office.
  Panel Speakers  
  Dr. Liz Altieri
Radford City School Board
Moderator: Dr. Tanya Corbin 
Chair:  Department of Political Science
Jessie Critterton
 Radford City Council
  Laurie Buchwald: Director, Elect Women SWVA; Board Member, Virginia’s List Naomi Huntington: 
Radford City Council
Lee Jordan Slusher
 Radford City School Board
  "Why Now" Panelists  
  "Why Now" Audience  
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