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"Sexual Harassment: 
        The Environment, 
                 The Law and                            The Culture

A Center for Gender Studies Keynote Address                                     by
                            Dr. Mary Atwell
       Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice
       Criminal Justice  Radford University
           Open to the Public ~ Admission is Free
Presentation Location & Time: 
               Location: Heth 014 ~ Time: 3-4. ~ Date: TBA   2020 ~  Radford University, Radford, VA.
Presentation Overview by Dr Mary Atwell
   "During the last several years the #MeToo movement and high profile incidents have drawn public attention to the stories of girls and women who have experienced unwelcome sexual behavior that interfered with their work or their education.The attention is recent, but the phenomenon of unsolicited sexual advances is nothing new. It may surprise some, however, to learn that the term sexual harassment and its legal definition came about only in the last forty years. Critical to the process of defining sexual harassment were women who shared their workplace experiences, women for formulated legal arguments that situated those experiences within a framework of discrimination based on sex, and women who critically examined the cultural and structural context in which sexual harassment occurs." 
   "This talk will look at stories that give a human face to the problem—the people whose cases made it to the Supreme Court, Anita Hill and Christine Blasey Ford who bravely testified before the Senate, and women in academia and the military who bear witness to the persistence of the issue, despite repeated promises of “zero tolerance. It concludes with a look at the present situation and considers where the issue stands in law and in the larger culture"

RU Contact Information

   Dr. Mary Atwell

   Dr. Mary Atwell

   B.A. Webster College  
   M.A. Saint Louis University
   Ph.D. Saint Louis University
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