Women &

               A ComprehensiveHandbook
 Edited by Kathleen T. Brady,
   Sudie E. Back* and Shelly F. Greenfield
click here for further information"For many years, addiction research focused almost exclusively on men. Yet scientific awareness of sex and gender differences in substance use disorders has grown tremendously in recent decades. This volume brings together leading authorities to review the state of the science and identify key directions for research and clinical practice. Concise, focused chapters illuminate how biological and psychosocial factors influence the etiology and epidemiology of substance use disorders in women; their clinical presentation, course, and psychiatric comorbidities; treatment access; and treatment effectiveness. Prevalent substances of abuse are examined, as are issues facing special populations." Source: Guilford Press, April - 2009
For further information concerning this handbook, please click on the book cover above or on Guilford Press.
*Dr. Sudie E. Back
RU Psychology Alumnus Sudie Back is a graduate in Clinical Psychology and a former Center for Gender Studies graduate assistant. She is one of the co-founders of the Center's annual student-professor conferences on gender. All of us at the Center join with many others in congratulating Sudie and her co-editors on this very important publication bringing together their own and many others' groundbreaking research concerning women and addition

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