An Evening with Gerri Gribi
Co-Sponsored by Radford University's
Center for Gender Studies1

In Rm 107, The International Education Building
7:30 pm - tuesday- march 21st, 2000
 are invited to attend her performance:
oA Musical Romp Through Women's History  
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      "A Musical Romp Through Women's History was a lively, uplifting and humorous performance celebrating women's diverse heritage from colonial times to the present. Gerri first conducted an afternoon seminar on her music and career for Radford University Students. This seminar preceded her evening performance which lasted about 75 minutes ... and concluded with a ... foot stomping yodeling lesson!

Gerri Gribi in Concert at RU Gerri Gribi Concert
Gerri Gribi at Radford University  at Radford University

Gerri Gribi in Seminar at RU Gerri's Afternoon Seminar

Pleased Concert Attendees Happy Concert Participants

Gerri Gribi - Click here to visit her web site      In Gerri Gribi's songs and stories, you meet:

  • A young woman who disguises her self as a man to sneak into the navy.
  • A pioneer couple who swap chores for the day, with hilariouls consequences.
  • Black women fighting against slavery.
  • A 'crafty maid' who uses a bawdy double entendre to out wit an assailant ... and steals his horse to boot!
  • Native American women who inspired the Women's Rights Movement, and suffragists who won the vote.
  • 'Union maids' and reformers from cotton mills, factories and Appalachian coal mines.
  • Women who defied stereotypes to become everything from 'cowgirls' to engineers."
For further information about Gerri Gribi and her programs, click anywhere on the photo above or on this link to her website:

1Principal RU Sponsor:  Women's Studies

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