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Dr. Rebecca K. Scheckler

"Why are computers for boys  
  and dish washers for girls?

The gendering of  

     a presentation by       

Dr. Rebecca Scheckler       
Educational technologist,       
Health and Human Services        
Waldron College - Radford University        

Presentation Time & Location                                                         Presentation Flyer by Ashley Usry 
Thursday, November 2nd, 12:30 pm, Fall Term, 2006 --- the Bonnie Rooms 249/250 - Radford University
Open to the Public --- Admission is Free

Presentation Overview
Baby girls wear pink and baby boys wear blue. So begins the enculturation of gender. How does this gendering spread from people to things like computers and sewing machines? This seminar explores a feminist semiotic analysis of the gendering of technology and suggests why women and men should be aware of gendered effects.

Background Information

Dr. Rebecca Scheckler, an educational technologist, in the Waldron College of Health and Human Services, studies the social effects of digital technologies. With her background in computer science, biology, and education she explores gender and technology from a feminist standpoint.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Rebecca Scheckler: (540-831-7663 ) - email 
Ms. Ashley Usry: (540-831-6644) - email  or  Dr. Hilary Lips: ( 540-831-5361) - email       
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