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The Sixth Radford University Student Research Conference on Gender

1.   Proposal Cover Sheet (for E-mail only, please submit  only  one for each presentation).

2.   Proposal By E-mail. A 500-700 word overview or summary. If the summary is sent as an email attachment, then the original email note should include information regarding the wordperfect or msword version used in preparing the proposal.  Alternatively, the proposal summary may be entered in a text box provided at the bottom of Email version of the Program Proposal Cover sheet.  Regardless of the method of submission, all proposals should include:
                    * Title
                    * Program format
                    * Purpose, goal, and objectives
                    * Methodology, conclusions, and/or questions raised
      To assure anonymity, do not identify presenters or institutions on this page.

3.   We strongly recommend that email submissions sent as attached files be developed using either WordPerfect or MsWord  in order to ensure that proper formatting is maintained. In order to ensure that your e-mail proposal will retain its proper form, first send it to a friend or colleague to ensure that it works.
Proposals should be received by February 20, 2001. When SUBMITTED online, proposal cover sheets will be automatically sent to the Center for Gender Studies, Department of Psychology, at Radford University. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your online submissions within one or two working days, you should assume that it was not received by us. We reserve the right not to consider proposals received after February 26. (Under some circumstances, proposals for posters only may be considered after this date).

Proposal Review and Selection Process. Proposals will be reviewed on the basis of quality and contribution to scholarship. Notification of acceptance/rejection will be sent by March 9, 2001.

Responsibilities of Presenters. All presenters must register for the conference. Submission of a proposal for consideration implies that the primary presenter has accepted responsibility for coming to the conference and presenting the paper or for making alternative arrangements to ensure that the paper is presented.

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