Gender Scholarship at Radford University:
Providing Tools in 2005
for Understanding & Change
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Dr. Ann Elliott


Dr. Diane Hodge

Ms. Kristin Yoder
Session I

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Ms. Anne Dornberg

Ms. Jennifer Duncan

Dr. Hilary Lips

Ms. Emily Keener  

Dr. Hilary Lips
Session II
Gender, Power, & Leadership

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Dr. Albert C. Smith  

Ms. Gina Squarzoni  

Dr. Jeanne Mekolichick


Dr. Jeanne Mekolichick 

Ms Melissa Bellows
Session III

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Ms. Morgann McGinty

Dr. Kevin Everett  

Ms. Melissa Bellows
    Session IV Gender & Culture    (click Session IV for expanded views)

Dr. Jeffery Aspelmeier


Dr Cathryne L. Schmitz 

Dr. Denise Copelton
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Dr. Marie
Dr. Lips with Morgann McGinty Kimberly Culpepper & Christina Parker
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