Gender Scholarship in 2007 at RU1
Apryl Alexander is a second-year graduate student who is completing her masters degree in Clinical Psychology. She currently serves as a graduate assistant at the Office of Substance Abuse & Sexual Assault Education at Radford University. Her research interests involve domestic violence, sexual assault, disaster-related trauma, PTSD, and minority issues related to trauma.
Dr. Jeff Aspelmeier is a member of the Department of Psychology at Radford University. His research focuses on close relationships, adjustment, and cognitive processes. He has been collaborating with Dr. Ann Elliott to study predictors and consequences of childhood sexual abuse among women. Dr. Aspelmeier currently teaches courses in research, social psychology, and the psychology of diversity. { Ru: Web }

Ashley Usry Burke is a second year Masters in Counseling Psychology student who is graduating in May. She is currently working at Tekoa, a residential treatment facility for at-risk adolescents. Her interests include children and adolescents. After taking some time off of school, she plans to pursue a doctorate in Clinical or Counseling Psychology.

Dr. Kimberly Carter is a community health nurse, specializing in health promotion and health behavior. She is a Professor and Associate Director of the School of Nursing at Radford. She facilitates undergraduate research and teaches a graduate class on rural health at Radford. { Ru: Web }
Kimberly Childers is from New Castle, Virginia. She will be graduating May 2007 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology and Biology.

Dr. Danielle Currier is an Assistant Professor of Sociology.  Her areas of specialization are gender, identity, sexuality among college students, sport sociology, and social psychology.  She is currently conducting research on “hookups” among Radford University students.  { Ru: Web }  {Update: Randolph College - Sociology Email: }

Dr. Ann Elliott is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Radford University. Her research and clinical interests include issues related to child sexual abuse and PTSD. Dr. Elliott currently serves on the Editorial Board for Child Maltreatment.
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Whitney Gaber is twenty years old and is a senior at Radford University.  She intends to graduate in May with a degree in Psychology.  After graduation she will be attending graduate school in the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Minnesota State University. 

Cynthia Hall is a former masters student in experimental psychology. She is currently enrolled in the doctoral program in developmental psychology and University of Alabama Birmingham.

Jessica Harner is from Rocky Gap, Virginia and is currently a senior at Radford double majoring in Sociology and Psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies.  After graduation, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in Counselor Education. 

Vesna Jones is a senior at Radford with a degree in Sociology. She has been very active in the Sociology Department. She plans to move to Florida after graduation to help several friends with their business enterprises.
Dr. Hilary M. Lips is a social psychologist who has spent her career studying gender issues with particular emphasis on the interaction of gender with power, and with academic and career choices. She is the Director of the Center for Gender Studies and Chair of the Psychology Department at Radford. {Ru: Web }
Josie Loomis will graduate this May from Radford University with an Educational Specialist Degree from the School Psychology Program. In addition to certification as a School Psychologist, she will also receive a Masters of Arts degree in Psychology. Her research interest is attachment and exploration. She is now employed as a School Psychologist and maintains an interest in Center for Gender Studies Conferences.
Casey Marin graduated from Radford University in December 2006 with her undergraduate degree in Psychology. She is currently applying to graduate programs to pursue her Masters Degree in School Guidance Counseling.
Dr. Jeanne Mekolichik-Jakoubek is an associate professor of sociology with a specialization in social psychology. Her research interests are mainly in the areas of self and identity.
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Pati Parsley is a second year psychology graduate student concentrating in experimental psychology and is also fulfilling additional educational requirements for the autism certification program.  In addition to her research interests involving gender research regarding academic self-schemas and role model influence, she is interested in performing research with children with autism.  After graduation, she will be working as an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist with the Blue Ridge Autism Center in Roanoke, Virginia. 

Shelby Ryan is a second year MSW student at Radford and graduating this May.  She have worked with "at risk" youth for 10 years and is currently interning at Tekoa, Inc. as a therapist and riding instructor.  Over the past year she has taken a great interest in the growing professional field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP).  EAP is an experiential learning intervention that utilizes horses as a tool for emotional growth and learning. 

Jennifer Simpson is a Nursing graduate of Radford University. She currently provides nursing care to patients of the Progressive Care Unit of Montgomery Regional Hospital, while finishing her Master’s Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. In April of 2000, Jennifer converted to Islam and has highlighted the care of Muslim Patients through her publications, grant writings, and presentations.
Dr. Jenessa Steele is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Radford University. Dr. Steele received her PhD in Lifespan Developmental Psychology from West Virginia University in 2004. Dr. Steele’s primary research interests involve socio-emotional and cognitive factors contributing to physical and mental well-being in late life. {Ru: Web }
Dr. Cynthia Cupit Swenson received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from The Florida State University. Currently she is Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Family Services Research Center in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of the Medical University of South Carolina. She is Principal Investigator on an NIMH-funded randomized clinical trial comparing parent training to multi-systemic therapy with physically abused adolescents and their families and clinical director of a community-based project addressing co-occurring parental substance abuse and child maltreatment. In addition, she is involved with international health initiatives regarding HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. Dr. Swenson has worked extensively with children and families over the last 25 years. Her research is community-based and focuses on community violence, child maltreatment, youth aggression and substance abuse. She has published over 30 journal articles and book chapters, and recent books on treating community violence and treating families when child physical abuse occurs
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