Gender Differences in Initial Exercise Behaviors: Cardio versus Weightlifting
         Dan Mulrooney ~ Center for Gender Studies 2008 Conference
By: Ms. Melissa Lerch, Mr. Dan Mulrooney, Ms. Heather Littrell, and Ms. Rebecca Nightingale
Sponsors: Ms. Katie Lawson and Professor Jeff Willner, Ph.D. 
Abstract. Past research using self-reports suggests that males and females differ in exercise behaviors (Grieve, Wann, & Henson, 2006). The present study extends this research by observing gender differences in the initial choice of gym equipment. Two raters observed the initial choice of equipment during morning, afternoon, and evening hours. Results indicate that females are more likely to initially choose cardiovascular equipment, whereas men are more likely to choose weight-lifting equipment. Results also suggest that the number of males and females who exercised significantly differed from the proportion of males to females on campus, with more males exercising at the gym.

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