Poster Presentations & Displays
for the
4th Student Conference on Gender

Organized by the Center for Gender Studies
Radford University - Radford Virginia
Poster/Display Titles
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Do female muscians need to sell sex in their videos in order to be successful? Heather Krantz & Nancey Waddle, Bill Gutersloh, Sarah Sebastian, Kristen Maddox, Ernie Wallace Radford University
Society's perception of weight as viewed in magazines Karen Eaves & Paula West, Jamie Royles, Beth Valen, David Hurd Radford University
Gender differences in response to persuasive messages about handwashing Jennifer Bass & Joanna Bryant, Sharon Carswell, Michelle Cregger, Elizabeth McClanahan, Carol Kurtz Radford University
The effects of central versus peripheral persuasion on gender differences in handwashing Joanna Bryant & Jennifer Bass Radford University
Statistical analyses reveal support for reliability within the Lips Academic Self-view Survey Jennifer Dagenhart Radford University
Women and sports David Hurd Radford University
Sexual harassment of working women in India Meera Murthi Radford University
Hypothesizing sexual abuse in male and female clients Stacey Phillips Radford University
Variations in the performance of verbal and spatial tasks over the course of the menstrual cycle J. M. Rexrode & M. E. Andrews, A. Benfield, L. Ferguson, H. Harrod, B. Neal, J. Van Antwerp, A. Grubb Radford University
Individualism-collectivism and gender roles: Comparisons between US and Ukrainian women Margaret Shafira & Melissa Himelein, Ph. D. UNC-Asheville, NC
Asset-based cross-cultrual community intervention Therese Phibbs Witmer
The evaluation of the feminist movement: A content analysis of Seventeen magazine, 1969-1999 Lauren Young Radford University

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