"Fangirls Unboxed: Selling Girls on Superheroes"
Dixie Seitz
Faculty Mentor:  Scott McDarmont

Center for Gender Symposium ~ 5:15-6:30pm ~ Heth 22
The present study was conducted to gauge how companies, such as Marvel™ and DC™, market toys to their female audience, more importantly their female characters. With more and more women and girls getting into superheroes, its important to look at how companies are changing their tactics to appeal to this growing demographic within their fan base. By looking at current marketing trends and merchandise, it is apparent that companies are just now starting to market towards their female audience, as well as being more gender neutral with their merchandise. There are more female characters being represented in merchandise, whether it be in gender neutral products or in toy lines specifically marketed towards girls. Gender roles and gender stereotyped play are also important factors on what toys children receive from parents and family, and what they choose to play with later on. Superhero toys marketed towards girls arent selling as much as those marketed towards to boys, which is enforced by gender roles and stereotyped play. This study shows the current strategies and influences that affect how companies market their heroes and represent them to their growing female audience.
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