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"Women of Change, 
             Women of Courage: 
                               Appalachian Activists

The 2017 Center for Gender Studies Research 
                                     Research Symposium Keynote Address by:

         Dr. Theresa L. Burriss ~ Chair: Appalachian Studies 
                Director: Appalachian Regional & Rural Studies Center 
                        Assistant Professor ~ Department of English
                                     College of Humanities & Behavioral Sciences 
                                                          Radford University ~ Radford, Virginia
Presentation Location & Time: 
Location: Heth 22 ~ Time: 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. ~ Wednesday, April 19th, 2017
__Abstract for the Keynote Address__
Women of Change, Women of Courage: Appalachian Activists is a project of oral histories, or “herstories, ” gathered from women of the Central/Southern Appalachian region, namely Southwest Virginia, Southern West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, Northeast Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and North Georgia. Throughout Appalachian history, women have taken an active role in bringing positive change to their families, communities, and region. Some of these women were born and raised in the mountains, while others moved here from other areas or have direct ancestral ties to the land as a result of out-migration. Appalachian women activists are abundant and have been for well over a hundred years. Unfortunately, these women rarely enjoy the attention or credit they deserve. People in the region and beyond are unaware of the rich history and accomplishments of these women activists. With this project I hope to remedy the deficiency.
Appalachian Resource
     Dr. Theresa Burriss ~ Chair: Appalachian Studies

        B.A.  Emory University in Atlanta
        M.A.  Radford University
     Ph.D.  Union Institute and University


    RU Contact Information
     Dr. Theresa Burriss
        PO Box 7014  ~
   Cook Hall 227
        Radford University    Radford, VA 24142
     Email:   Tel/Voice:  540-831-6857
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