"Female College Student Resilience Project"
          Hanna Hatfield 
Experimental Psychology
Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Aspelmeier
Presentation Abstract
A longitudinal study of academic success identifies factors that predict the first semester GPA and second semester enrollment of women enrolled in their first semester of college. Freshman women will be recruited from the Psychology Department participant pool, and complete measures of resilience, psychological functioning, social-support, self-esteem, and attachment security during the first 4 weeks of the semester. Participants will also provide permission to obtain their Fall 2018 GPA and Spring 2019 enrollment data from university records. During the last four weeks of the semester, participants will be asked to return to complete measures of resilience, psychological functioning, social-support, locus of control, and social desirability. Regression and Logistic regression models will be used to evaluate the group of variables that best predict first semester GPA and persisting to the second semester of college.  

Keywords: Resilience, persistence, freshman, adjustment, college  

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