"Gendered Racial Microaggressions and Well-Being Among Black Female Graduate Students: The Roles of Social Connectedness and the Advisory Working Alliance"


Kamille Harris
Counseling Psychology (PsyD)
Faculty Sponsor: Pei-Chun Tsai
Presentation Abstract
"Graduate students may experience several challenges en route to attaining their degrees, such as financial constraints and intense academic demands. For students of racial/ethnic minority status, the likelihood of experiencing perceived racial discrimination is an additional stressor. Several studies have investigated how perceived racial discrimination impacts the well-being of Black individuals (e.g., depression, anxiety, and/or life satisfaction). Research has also explored how Black individuals cope with these experiences and if social connectedness may act as a buffer. Social connectedness refers to one's sense of belonging or closeness to others. As the proportion of racial/ethnic minority students in higher education has risen, more research has been produced exploring the experiences of these students. However, a gap in the literature exists regarding the unique experiences of Black female graduate students whose identities intersect and overlap in ways that contribute to experiences of gendered racial microaggressions. As institutions strive for increasing the recruitment and retention of Black women across disciplines in higher education, it is imperative to increase awareness and knowledge regarding how gendered racial microaggressions impact the well-being of Black female graduate students. When faced with adversity, graduate students are likely to seek support and direction from their faculty advisor. Therefore, based on intersectionality and gendered racism theoretical frameworks, the present study aims to examine if the advisory working alliance and social connectedness may moderate the relationship between gendered racial microaggressions and well-being among Black women in graduate school."

Keywords: advisory working alliance, social connectedness, well-being, Black women, graduate students

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