An Evening with Xiaomei Chen
Co-Sponsored by Radford University's
Center for Gender Studies1

In Rm 107, The International Education Building
7:30 pm - thursday- february 24th, 2000
 are invited to attend her talk about

Representation Women in Maoist and post-Maoist Chinese Theater
See Also Evenings  [Admission is Free]  with Dr. Chang  &  Dr. Chow
     Born in Beijing, Dr. Chen received her Ph.D. in comparative literature from Indiana University in 1989. She is currently associate professor of Chinese and Comparative Literature at Ohio State University, where she is the Senior Coordinator for Asian American Studies. She teaches modern Chinese literature, Chines women's writings, Chinese American literature, Chinese theater and cultural performance, and comparative literature. Her book, Occidentalism (Oxford, 1995) has been described as "a stunning and innovative book that will have a profound impact on the fields of Chinese studies and modern Chinese literature." A second book, Acting the 'Right' Part: Cultural Performance and Contemporary Chinese Drama, is due out next year from the University of Hawaii Press. To visit Dr. Chen's web site, click anywhere on her photo.

     Dr. Chen will speak about the representation of women in Maoist and post-Maoist Chinese theater. She will incorporate a series of slides of cultural revolution posters depicting women into her talk.

1Additional RU Co-Sponsors:  Women's Studies -  International Education

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