An Evening with Esther Ngan-Ling Chow
ponsored by Radford University's
Center for Gender Studies1

In Rm 107, The International Education Building
7:30 pm - thurdady- march 16th, 2000
 are invited to attend her talk
.on the
Impact of Economic Reform on Work and Family in China
See Also Evenings  [Admission is Free]  with Dr. Chang  &  Dr. Chen
     Dr. Chow is a professor or sociology at American University in Washington, DC. She has just completed three years of intensive research in China, studying the impact of economic development on the changing structure of the labor force, patterns of internal migration, and transformations in the relation between work and family life. Dr. Chow has published several books and many articles on the intersection of race/ethnicity, class and gender; work and family, social inequality, ethnic community; gender and development, globalization and social change; migration, the Asian and Asian-American population; feminist theory and pedagogy; comparative methods; economy and society; and policy studies. She is the current Chair of the Asia and Asian-America Section of the American Sociological Association. Her forthcoming book is called Transforming Gender and Development in East Asia. To visit Dr. Chow's web site, click anywhere on her photo.

     The full title of her talk is:  The impact of economic reform on work and family in China

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