Maternal Health Care and Doulas
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Dr. Zehui Dai
          Assistant Professor
Teaching and Research Interests
Interpersonal Communication ~ Intercultural Communication ~ Research Methods 
Brief Bio
Dr. Zehui Dai is an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication. Her research focuses on care, social justice, advocacy, and feminist studies. Her articles have been published in journals including China Media Research, Asian Communication Research, Health Communication, 
The Journal of Perinatal Education, and American Behavior Scientist"
Academic Background

 Ph.D. in Media & Communication ~ Bowling Green State University

 MA in Communication Studies ~ University of Arkansas 
 BA in Advertising ~ Hefei University of Technology ~ In China

 Day               Date                     
           Heth 043   
          6:30 -7:30      Tuesday  2/25/2020  

Abstract / Introduction
"Doulas are non-medical maternal health care workers who provide physical, emotional and informational support during pregnancy, childbirth, and/or the postpartum period. A Doulaís role is to help one birthing mother to have a safe and comfortable childbirth experience by centering the birthing motherís body and feelings and by making sure that the birthing mother is able to holistically experience the childbirth process. For more details please click on:
 What is a Doula

As a feminist researcher of health communication and a woman who grew up in China, this project broadly provides an examination of the emergence of the Doula phenomenon and the role that the Doula workers play in the context of struggles for womenís autonomy in the contexts of pregnancy and childbirth in China."

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