Gendered Futures by Hilary Lips
a presentation by
Hilary M. Lips, Professor & Director
Women's Studies and the Center for Gender Studies
12:30 thursday, october 17th, 2003 ~ 107 cook hall
The presentation will focus on several years of research at the Center for Gender Studies; this research has been funded, in part, by a two year grant from the Saint Albans Foundation, by the Radford University Foundation, with additional technical and material support from the Department of Psychology. In these studies, students at Radford University and other educational institutions were asked about their academic self-views. The findings show a striking divergence between young women and men in their visions of future possibilities for themselves.
The research findings to be presented are based to a large extent upon a survey form developed specifically for the study of students' current and possible academic selves: The Lips Academic Self-view Survey (L.A.S.S.).   
With the cooperation of over 50 course instructors, students at Radford University from all of the colleges have participated in this research. The survey has also been given to high school students and to students at other universities, including several in other countries.  

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