Gender Scholarship in 2016 at RU1
1 Speakers' Biographies by Rachel Turk ~ Graduate Associate ~ Center for Gender Studies
Ms. Sarah Abercrombie  Sarah is currently in her third year of the doctoral program in Counseling Psychology at RU. Her research endeavors have largely focused on service provision to stigmatized and underrepresented populations. She will be completing her predoctoral internship at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia where she will continue to pursue her passions of working with college students, engaging in advocacy, and promoting social justice.
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Ms. Alyson Faires  Alyson is a clinical-counseling master's candidate. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Southern Maine. She hopes to eventually work with impoverished communities, particularly women and those involved in the prison system.
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Ms. Anastasia Formica   Anastasia is a second year student in the Clinical-Counseling Psychology Master's program. Her research interests include memory, trauma, and traumatic brain injury. Currently she is completing her master's thesis investigating the gender and rat strain differences in neurogenesis as well as an internship working with patients suffering from a traumatic brain injury.
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Ms. Priya Lall   Priya received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Human Resource Management from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. She will be receiving my Master of Science degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology May of 2016. My interests are leadership development and training development.
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Ms. Savannah LeBarre  Savannah is a current 3rd year student in the Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program. Her interests involve posttraumatic growth, trauma, existential psychology, feminist issues, social justice, and multiculturalism. In August 2016 she will begin doctoral level internship at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana.
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Ms. Kathryn Rehberg   Kathryn is an M.A. candidate in Experimental Psychology. Her research interests are in Social and Clinical Psychology and she is currently working on her thesis with Dr. Niels Christensen.
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Keynote Speaker ~ 2016
Dr. Shelly Wagers is the Center for Gender Studies 2016 Symposium Keynote Speaker.
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