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"Goddesses, 'Real' Women, and Activism"
session II, 107 cook hall

beginning: 2:00 pm, nov. 21st
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WS 101 Student Abstracts & Summaries
Session II Sponsor: Dr. Suchitra Samanta
Session II Introduction: Dr. Hilary Lips

"Forging the Way: the
Women's Movement in the USA."

Our presentation focuses on the leaders and issues of the Women’s Rights Movement of the 1920’s, such as the Settlement House Movement and winning the vote. We conclude with issues affecting women today and the progress that has been made.
Tarin Silbert; Amy Viau; Leighann McKnight;
Tia Cliborne, Kelly Childress; Heather Bartee
"Myths and truths about breasts"
In today's society women are constantly surrounded by images of the "perfect body." The main focal point being breasts. From the beginning of puberty society teaches women that their breasts are never perfect. There are ads
everywhere for bras that can do anything from enhancing sizes to pushing them up, to matting them down. Cosmetic surgery is at an all time high, millions of women are going to doctors to do anything from enhancing a breast size to reducing breasts for health reasons. Our presentation will cover these, sometimes controversial, issues and provide women with information that may one day save their lives.
Brittany Collins; Shaye Systermann; Bridgette Ellis; Margaret Varn; Brooke Lowe

"Worshipping Goddesses, killing women:
Why the contradiction?"

This project discusses the worship of powerful Mother Goddesses like Kali in India, and the contradiction in Indian society of the dowry-related killings of brides, the burning of widows (sati), and aborting female foetuses.
Caroline Simmons; Heather Carter; Brittany Dobbs; Camica Cox; Adrianne Ziegler

"Same education, same degree: Why are
you getting paid more than me?"

Our group purposes to discuss the wage gap between men and women holding the same degree. Specifically we will look at the fields of education, law, engineering, and medicine. We will discuss how many men and women are in each field, how much they earn annually, the difference between the pay, and how much their education cost.
Rebecca Hobbs; Katy Hiller; Amy Crisp; Laura Hansen; Ashley Gillespie
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Faculty Conference Sponsors and Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Suchitra Samanta
Ms. Phelele M. Tengeni
Dr. Hilary M. Lips , Coordinator

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