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"Women in Africa: Cultural Practices and Activism"
session I, 107 cook hall
6:30 - 9:00 pm, Nov 20th, 2002
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WS 101 Student Abstracts & Summaries
Session Sponsor: Ms. Phelele Tengeni     Session Chairperson: Dr. Lorraine Marais
Session I Introduction

Dr. Joseph Flory
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A. 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm, 107 Cook Hall
1. "The role of political parties and NGOs in the advancement of human rights for women in South Africa" by Karen Jovel
Abstract: In spite of human rights guarantees in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, there continue to be violations of human rights in that country. In this paper I explore the policies of top national political parties in aiding and processing current legal cases pertaining to violations of human rights involving women in South Africa. I also examine the role played by NGOs in promoting human rights.

2. "The glass ceiling that African women face" by Lauren E. Travis
As women become increasingly competitive in developed nations' societies, perhaps it is time to focus on women in third-world countries and their roles in such aspects of society as the economy, corporate business, and politics. As women in developed nations seem to hit a "glass ceiling" as they advance
through a male-dominated society, women in developing nations are fighting their own battles to gain the same rights. My paper will discuss the eminent "glass ceiling" that faces women in developing nations (particularly those in Africa), and how their struggles are closely linked to those of women all over the world.

3. A history of women's suffrage in Africa by Amber Quade   Summary: Abstract & Poster:
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Women in Africa by Amber Quade
B. 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm, 107 Cook Hall
1. "Women living under Islamic laws: Algerian women and their struggles.” by Loubna Rais
Not only are Algerian women facing enormous religious social and political barriers to realize the goals of eliminating all forms of discrimination and the full exercise and enjoyment of natural human rights on a basis of equality, but these women also are facing the rise of a politicized and religious fundamentalism which makes women the principal targets of violence and oppression, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
The FIS and The GIA are examples of those Islamic Armed groups, that controlled the country at one point or another and who encouraged discrimination and gender-apartheid through both legal means and force. For example, they dictated the division schools ( some are all girls and some all boys), men and women on buses, and in some workplaces… these fundamentalists systematically attacked civilians as method of war, in particular women who deviated from their religiously prescribed roles. I intent to cover the main issues and struggles of these women, and provide a sufficiently accurate and knowledgeable coverage of historical, social, religious and cultural background of the setting in which those atrocities and bigotries take place.
2. Female genital mutilation: Medical concerns by Amanda Clark

This presentation will focus on the issue of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Topics to be discussed will include what is FGM, why is it practiced, the medical complication associated with FGM, and the steps being taken to stop FGM. The main focus, however, will be the medical complications associated with
FGM and the need for education so that women and men will understand the dangers of this practice.

3. "Female genital mutilation in Senegal: the cultural dimension" by Theanette G. Labyzon
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