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Women in Africa:             
Cultural Practices             
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       Goddesses, 'Real'
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Presentation Schedules, Titles, Topics & Authors
"Women in Africa: Cultural Practices and Activism"
(WMST 490-INST 488)

Program for Session 1
wednesday nov 20th:  6:30-9:00 pm, 2002
Session I Chairperson: Dr. Lorraine Marais,
RU School of Social Work
Introduction: Dr. Joseph Flory, Director:
RU International Education Center
A. 6:30 - 8:00, 107 Cook Hall
1. "The role of political parties and NGOs in the advancement of human rights for women in South Africa"
Researcher/Presenter: Karen Jovel
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2 . "The glass ceiling that African women face"
Researcher/Presenter: Lauren E. Travis
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3.  "A history of women's suffrage in Africa"
Researcher/Presenter: Amber Quade
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B. 8:00 - 9:00, 107 Cook Hall
1. "Women living under Islamic laws: Algerian women and their struggles
Researcher/Presenter: Loubna Rais
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2 ."Female genital mutilation: Medical concerns"
Research/Presenter: Amanda Clark
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3. "Female genital mutilation in Senegal: The cultural dimension"
Researcher/Presenter: Theanette G. Labyzon
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"Goddesses, 'Real' Women
and Activism"

(WMST 101)

Program for Session II
thursday nov. 21st: from 2:00 pm, 2002

Introduction: Dr. Hilary Lips, Director:
Center for Gender Studies & Women's Studies

Beginning 2:00 pm, 107 Cook Hall
"Forging the Way: the Women's Movement
in the USA
Tarin Silbert; Amy Viau; Leighann McKnight;
Tia Cliborne, Kelly Childress; Heather Bartee
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"Myths and truths about breasts"
Brittany Collins; Shaye Systermann; Bridgette Ellis; Margaret Varn; Brooke Lowe
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"Worshipping Goddesses, killing women:
Why the contradiction?
Caroline Simmons; Heather Carter; Brittany Dobbs; Camica Cox; Adrianne Ziegler
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"Same education, same degree: Why are
you getting paid more than me?
Rebecca Hobbs; Katy Hiller; Amy Crisp; Laura Hansen; Ashley Gillespie
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Faculty Co-sponsors and Coordinator:
Dr. Hilary M. Lips , Coordinator

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